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Hashoo Hunar

Center for lifelong learning & Advancement

About Company:

An ethical, equitable, inclusive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives.”

Our Mission:

“To empower communities by leveraging knowledge as capital for their socio-economic uplift.”


  • Humility: acceptance and realization that it is a blessing from God that we have the opportunity to serve humanity.
  • Empathy: being able to identify with people and communities’ feelings, emotions, and situations.
  • Impartiality: serving all irrespective of race, caste, faith or creed.
  • Honour: ensuring and enabling environment whereby people we serve are able to live with self-respect and dignity.
  • Fulfillment: feeling satisfied within our conscience that we have gone to the greatest extent possible to provide maximum benefit to communities.
  • Commitment: dedicating time, energy, and resources towards the realization of the responsibility undertaken by the family.


  • To emphasize on serving marginalized communities particularly women, children and young people across its targeted areas.
  • To provide ‘equitable socio-economic opportunities’ and ensure ‘inclusivity of the interventions’, without compromising on dignity of targeted communities
  • To foster entrepreneurship in order to improve the quality of life of its beneficiaries, especially young people and women and create sustainable livelihood opportunities for them.It is aimed that by 2018, HF’s targeted communities enjoy a better quality of life through greater socio-economic empowerment.
  • To create/develop sustainable business models in its existing geographical spread and replicate the best pilot models from one geographical area to another in Pakistan.
  • To strengthen its humanitarian response efforts and timely response to emergency occurrences.

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